Elementary Classes

6th Grade - Spotlight! on the Ancient World

Thursdays 9:00am-2:15pm
Grade Level: 6th (7th with approval from tutor)
Prerequisites: None
Length: 32 Weeks
Annual Tuition: $1,275 ($75 tuition deposit, $600 each semester)
Tutor: Kate Schneidau
Spotlight! on the Ancient World focuses on the Ancient World with studies in the Bible, history, literature, science, language arts, creative arts, and math concepts. This curriculum provides students the knowledge of who God is and how history (His-story) reveals His sovereignty in all things. Students will be challenged to see how history is woven into the fabric of all subjects in weekly lessons throughout the year. Students will be provided with manageable weekly assignments and step-by-step instructions. Join us for a year-long investigation spotlighting the secrets of Ancient Civilizations and the Bible.

Students will be led and encouraged to grow more independent and develop important academic and personal skills such as how to be accountable, how to follow instructions, how to follow a daily lesson plan, how to take notes, how to use the computer to access and submit assignments, and how to research a topic. Students will also have the opportunity to cultivate critical thinking skills, engage in collaborative learning, expand communication skills, and sharpen their creativity.

  • For English, students will need to provide specific size binders, one box 100 clear sheet page protectors, and binder subject dividers as well as some basic school supplies. Full curriculum will be provided.
  • For Science, lab equipment and supplies will be supplied. Parents will need to purchase the Apologia exploring Creation textbook and student lab notebook ( not the junior lab book) and basic school supplies.
  • For History, parents must purchase the Mystery of History Volume 1 book and basic school supplies.

    Tutor will supply other class activity materials.