Elementary Classes Grades K-6

Introducing Spotlight!

Full Day Thematic-Focused Learning Program

New for 2024-25, a multi-faceted, Bible-centered elementary called Spotlight! designed to provide students meaningful group learning experience and encourage positive peer interaction in a safe environment that reflects biblical values. Spotlight! meets one day per week for 32 weeks for the entire academic year. Each grade’s Spotlight! focuses on a thematic core specific to a time period or a topic. 

K-5 Spotlight! K-5 Spotlight! includes a hands-on unit study approach providing instruction in most subjects areas. Math and phonics are not part of K-5 Spotlight! Families may choose to extend the thematic-focus with further investigative learning at home or as a standalone supplement paired alongside the curriculum of their choice. All K-5 students will need an individual English/Phonics and Mathematics program associated with the grade level of the student

6th Grade Spotlight! Our 6th Grade Spotlight! includes a similar hands-on unit study approach with instruction in Bible, history, science, grammar and writing, math concepts, and art. Students will need an individual mathematics program according to the grade level of the student. This curriculum has been specifically chosen to provide the greatest opportunity for skills development and to lay the strong academic foundation students need to be prepared for middle school curriculum and beyond.