High School Classes

Algebra I

Class Meets: Thursday 10:45am-12:15pm
Grades: High School
Grade Level: 9-10
Students are required to have completed Pre-Algebra or equivalent course. The tutor will send out assessment tests for students to complete prior to school starting.
Length: 32 Weeks
Annual Tuition: $495 ($75 tuition deposit, $210 each semester)
Tutor:  Linda Avery
  • During class:  The tutor will teach the concepts for the week’s lessons, and students will practice mastering those skills.
  • At Home:  Students will complete the week’s assignments and will upload those assignments through Canvas.

Bob Jones Algebra 1, 3rd Edition

The student will need the following:

• Textbook
• Paper, pencils
• Scientific calculator

The tutor will provide all tests and other study materials.