High School Classes

Chemistry I

Classes Meet: Tuesdays 10:45am-12:15pm
Grades: High School
Grade Level: 10-12
Successful completion of Algebra I
Length: 32 Weeks
Annual Tuition: $525 ($75 tuition deposit, $225 each semester)
Tutor:  Kayleigh Avery
  • Covers modern chemical theories and principles and utilizes the quantitative approach to problem-solving. (Additional concepts and labs not covered in the text are included by the tutor.)
  • Modules progress from the structure of atoms, to atom interactions and bonding, and from chemical reactions, to quantifiable properties of reactants and products, including moles, molarity, and chemical equilibrium.
  • Emphasis on critical thinking, technical, scientific writing, and mastery of laboratory skills
  • Labs include basic laboratory operations, as well as introductory inorganic qualitative analysis.
  • Lectures and labs give solid preparation for college chemistry.
  • Tutor will grade tests, quizzes, lab notebooks, and lab work.
  • Grades are based on tests, quizzes, lab notebooks, parent-verified homework, classwork, and lab work.
  • 4-6 hours of homework per week

Textbook and Other Materials:  

Discovering Design with Chemistry Set
Discovering Design with Chemistry by Jay Wile

**Additional concepts and labs not covered in the text are included by the tutor**
  • Students need to purchase the textbook, as well as the Answer Key and  Tests book
  • New materials may be purchased online from  Rainbowresource.com, Berean Builders.com, amazon.com, or CBD.com,
  • Aside from the textbook set, students must have the following:
    • a scientific calculator with exponential function (TI-30 series is most common) or graphing calculator
    • a one inch 3-ring binder with 3 dividers
    • lab notebook (provided by the tutor