High School Classes

Computer Applications

Classes Meet: Tuesdays 9:00am-10:30am
Grades: High School
Grade Level: 9-12
Prerequisites: None

Length: 32 Weeks
Annual Tuition: $495 ($75 tuition deposit, $210 each semester)
Tutor:  Linda Avery
Students will learn computer terms and concepts along with the basics of utilizing operating system tools. Adding to their arsenal for success in college, students develop fundamental skills in three Microsoft products:
  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint

Knowing these three applications enables students to prepare college papers and presentations with a professional finish and their own creative style.

Textbook and Other Materials:  

The Bridge has a state-of-the-art Computer Lab with Dell PCs which will be used during class. However, students may bring their own personal laptop to class or use the Bridge computers.
  • Students must choose from one of the following:
    • Use The Bridge computer lab for classwork AND a personal computer for homework. Microsoft 365 subscription will be required to access classwork and homework at The Bridge and at home.
    • Use a personal laptop for classwork at The Bridge and for homework. Either Microsoft 365 subscription OR Office 2021 can be used. You will need to log into your Microsoft 365 account at The Bridge each week.
  • Click here to compare and subscribe to Microsoft 365.
  • Students need Internet access to access Microsoft 365 (if used) and Canvas learning management system.
  • Students may need access to a color printer for occasional use.
  • All other materials will be supplied by the tutor.
  • Class will be taught in the Computer Lab on campus.