High School Classes

Personal Finance

Classes Meet: Thursday 12:45pm-2:15pm
Grades: High School
Grade Level: 10-12
Prerequisites: None

Length: 16 Weeks (one semester)
Annual Tuition: $250 ($50 tuition deposit, $200 each semester)
Tutor:  Peggy Fillinger
  • Completing Dave Ramsey’s “Foundations on Personal Finance” will provide students with sound financial principles which will guide them into adulthood.
  • It will cover a variety of subjects such as the dangers of debt, saving, budgeting, investing, consumer awareness, insurance, giving and more.
  • Classes will feature videos and hands-on activities, and homework will involve practical, real-world application of the concepts being taught.
  • At the end of this course, each student will be well-armed with sound financial and biblical truths as they step out into the world.

Textbook and Other Materials:  

  • Foundations in Personal Finance –  Student Text – Homeschool Edition
  • One 1 ½ inch 3-ring binder
  • Pens and pencils
  • Notebook paper