Middle/High School Classes

English, Essentials

Tuesday 12:45-2:15pm
Grades: Middle & High
Grade Level: 8th & 9th
Prerequisites:  None

Length: 32 Weeks
Annual Tuition: $475 ($75 tuition deposit, $200 each semester)
Tutor:  Angela Seymour
English Essentials provides a weekly in-class lesson along with guided weekly assignments to help keep students on track and develop independence. Students will be introduced to a variety of style techniques, writing models, literary responses, poetry, and source-based vocabulary.

Basic grammar, punctuation, and editing skills are taught and reviewed in a fun and engaging manner. This class teaches skills step by step, with plenty of review and encouragement to prompt success in each student. Our method of teaching Language Arts has a 20-year track record of building a strong foundation of skills and confidence that ensures success in every student.

Perfect for the 9th grader new writing prior to taking English Mastery. English Essentials is a full course that does not require additional curriculum or assignments to earn a high school credit, but parental guidance and follow-up is necessary.

Textbook and Other Materials:  Curriculum List and Supply List to be provided separately.