Homeschooling 101: Start Here!

Welcome to Homeschooling in Tennessee: Your Comprehensive Guide

Resources for New Homeschoolers

  • Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA): HSLDA Website
    • Provides legal information, support, and resources for homeschoolers nationwide.

  • Tennessee Home Education Association (THEA): THEA Website
    • State-specific resources, support groups, and events for Tennessee homeschoolers.

  • Memphis-Area Home Education Association (MHEA): MHEA Website

Umbrella Schools in Tennessee

  • HomeLife Academy: HomeLife Academy
    • A non-traditional K-12 private school serving homeschooling families for over 15 years.

  • FaithHeritage Christian Academy: FaithHeritage Christian Academy
    • Provides support, record-keeping, and accountability for homeschooling and on-campus families.

  • Gateway Christian Schools: Gateway Christian Schools
    • Offers a variety of services, including curriculum guidance and standardized testing.

Applicable State Laws for Homeschooling in Tennessee
  • Compulsory Attendance: Tennessee requires children ages 6-17 to attend school. Homeschooling is recognized as a legal means of fulfilling this requirement.
  • Notice of Intent: Parents must submit a notice of intent to homeschool to their local school district.
  • Curriculum: There is no required curriculum, but parents must teach the subjects required by state law.
  • Attendance and Record Keeping: Homeschoolers must maintain attendance records and submit them to their umbrella school or local school district annually.
  • Testing: Standardized testing may be required for certain grades, depending on the umbrella school’s policies.

For more detailed information, visit the Tennessee Department of Education's Homeschool Information.