High School Classes


Class Meets: Thursdays 9:00am-10:30am
Grades: High School
Grade Level: 11-12
Students are required to have completed Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry
Length: 32 Weeks
Annual Tuition: $525 ($75 tuition deposit, $225 each semester)
Tutor:  Linda Avery
This is a challenging course covering Pre-Calculus. Topics include:

  • Polynomial functions
  • Rational functions
  • Exponential functions
  • Logarithms
  • Trigonometric functions & identities
  • Vectors & polar coordinates
  • Matrices & determinants
  • Probability & statistics
  • Derivatives & integrals

Lessons in the student text thoroughly develop key concepts, provide several detailed examples, and integrate practical applications. Exercise sets include three levels of difficulty to allow differentiated assignments. Each section includes cumulative review to help with long-term mastery and to prepare students for standardized tests. Each chapter contains a Historical Connection and Biblical Perspective section, as well as a chapter review to prepare for the chapter test.

This class fulfills the 4th year math requirement by the state of Tennessee.

Textbook and Other Materials:  

Bob Jones University Press Precalculus, 2nd Edition
Bob Jones Assessments booklet.
The student text and assessments booklet are required. Teacher Edition is optional.
Students will also need the following supplies:
  • a graphing calculator.
  • three-ring binder