The Bridge Leadership Team

Comprising dedicated educators and homeschooling veterans, they bring a wealth of experience, passion, and commitment to our mission of providing a Biblically-based education. Our leaders inspire and guide our students on their educational journey, fostering confidence, insight, and a love for learning.

Valerie Adams

Valerie, one of the visionary co-founders of The Bridge Tutorial since its inception in 2003, embarked on this journey with a group of like-minded parents who shared her passion for a Biblically-based education. Her unwavering dedication lies in creating an enriching environment where students can nurture their confidence in writing, gain profound insights in reading, and discover their unique voices for articulating ideas. Beyond her role in lesson planning and teaching, Valerie cherishes precious moments with her husband and adores spending time with her grandbabies.

Linda Avery

With nearly three decades of homeschooling experience under her belt, Linda is a seasoned veteran in the world of home education. Armed with a degree in Engineering, she brings her zeal for teaching mathematics and physics to The Bridge Tutorial, where she has been a cornerstone for over 12 years. Linda's journey as a homeschool educator spanned all 10 of her children's academic lives, from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. When not immersed in the world of numbers and equations, she enjoys traveling, relishing quality time with her grandbabies, and hosting cherished family gatherings.

Rhonda Arthur

Admin Team
Drawing from over 20 years of nursing experience in the ICU/ER, Rhonda Arthur is eager to ignite students' enthusiasm for science and math by demonstrating their practical applications across various professions. Her homeschooling journey, spanning almost 16 years, has provided her with a deep passion for teaching and encouraging children along their educational path. Rhonda, along with her husband, Scott, lovingly guides their family of six children.

Samantha Morgan

Admin Team
Samantha Morgan, a proud homeschool alumna, earned her Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Memphis. After teaching in Shelby County Schools for several years, Samantha found her calling at The Bridge in 2017, where she continues to inspire young minds. When not engaged in tutoring, Samantha relishes precious moments with her own young family, embodying the spirit of home education that she so passionately shares with her students.