Middle School Classes

Middle School History

Class Meets: Tuesdays 10:45am-12:15pm
Grades: Middle
Grade Level: 7-8
Prerequisites: None

Length: 32 Weeks
Annual Tuition: $475 ($75 tuition deposit, $200 each semester)
Tutor: Pam Brant
World Cultures III – The Renaissance & Reformation
As with all courses in the World Cultures Program, the goal is not just learning, but that students experience the joy of learning as they dive into each time period through reading, activities, videos, games, and hands-on crafts!
  • History – Students will explore people and events from 1455 to 1707 in The Mystery of History Year, Volume III – The Renaissance, Reformation, and Growth of Nations. They will become acquainted with the artists, reformers, scientists, philosophers, explorers, and Pilgrims.
  • Literature – Correlated to history with engaging historical fiction and biographies, the literature program will broaden interest and understanding of the Renaissance & Reformation era.
  • Geography – Students will gain a firm grasp of the geographic areas that match weekly lessons along with the countries of Europe, Africa, and South America.
  • Art and Music Appreciation – Students will be introduced to the famous artists and composers of the Renaissance.
  • Bible – Students will learn the basics of inductive Bible study as they examine the life of Joseph, a man living out his faith in a world hostile to his God.

Textbook and Other Materials:  

The Renaissance, Reformation, and Growth of Nations (1455-1707) Student Reader, Volume 3
The Mystery of History Year, Vol. III – The Renaissance, Reformation, and Growth of Nations will be the spine text.

Course Materials list to be provided separately at Registration.